Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life is entertaining sometimes!

What can I say...having a 4 year old is entertaining. She amazes me everyday with the things she says, her actions and the songs she sings...

Jocelynn loves to sing! She only has to hear a song 3-4 times and she will be singing along with it. Even songs we don't even realize she knows....she started singing "lollipop"
                        Lollipop Lollipop
                       Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli
                        Lollipop  *POP*
                       Call my baby Lollipop
                       Tell you why
                       'Cause he's sweeter than an apple pie
After I stopped laughing...mainly from shock, I asked her were she had heard that song and she said TV! I'm still confused, but she found the song and it stuck in her

It is also funny to "see" her brain working to figure things out. From explaining or asking questions to pronouncing words. Also understanding things that are said to her......
              Jocelynn was headed to bed and was giving Grammie a kiss good night, she doesn't actually 'kiss' but pucker her lips and 'tap' them against your cheek. Well grammie wanted a kiss...Grammie said "I want a smack." Jocelynn looked at her funny and slowly brought her hand up to grammies cheek so she coule 'smack' grammie.....LOL. She knew it was wrong to hit grammie, but hadn't grammie asked.......Wrong kinda smack!

Things have been interesting the last few days. I have had quiet a few ups and downs...seems I have been playing the "poor me" card and I hate it! I though I had a handle on my emotions, especially concerning my inabilaty to conceive, but I guess everyone is entitled to their bad days. I try and focus on the blessing I have and my faith that GOD has a plan for me and that I am not alone. 

This weekend is a busy one....or should I say Sunday is busy. Saturday is pretty open and I am hoping we will be doing something outside, enjoying the beautiful weather we are supposed to have. Sunday is church and 2 birthday parties at the same time. My cousin's 3rd birthday and my grandfathers 75th birthday. So I don't expect to see home much before 6-7 pm that night. *sigh*

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