Friday, January 21, 2011


This week has been the weirdest week!

Monday was MLK Jr. day so Jocelynn had off from school and spent the day (5 hours) at work with me. Tuesday and Friday were snow days so I spent them working from home. Tuesday and Wednesday were as normal as anyone could expect. Jocelynn was crazy from having a 4 day weekend and knowing that another storm was coming Friday. I have enjoyed having her around the extra time and we were able to spend some much needed time together!

In fact on Tuesday, John had off with us as well, we all shoveled the driveway and then went sledding. It was blast to enjoy some time just the three of us having fun!

John attempted to make a path for Jocelynn to sled on. 
He thought the only problem was the

There is a Lip at the bottom (on the left) and John thought maybe if he gave Jocelynn a little push 
she might "jump" this lip........All she received was a face full of 
She wasn't even upset by this, she wanted to go again!

It was a blast! Finally we were able to get Jocelynn to go inside, it was getting dark and I promised her hot cocoa! It works

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