Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ready to ride the roller-coaster again

Month 52 is/was a BFN....not that I expected anything but BFN, but miracles do happen!

Now on to Cycle 53 and we have the green light to actively try!!!!! The last 4 months have been a nice break, but I am ready to ride the roller-coaster again!

I pray that the ride this time isn't as long! I am working on loosing weight to help with my infertility! 16 pounds down, many more to go, but I am doing it! I have the motivation I need! 14 more pounds and my fertility is supposed to increase....we will see! I am hoping to be down 25 pounds by my birthday (2/10/11) I CAN DO THIS!!!!


Tasha said...

Good Luck on your cycle this month!!! Sending lots of prayers your way!!! Oh, and great job on the weight loss. I have to step up on mine. Keep up the good work!

waititngforbabygarcia said...

I so need to loose weight...but not sure when I'll get the motivation bug :) Good luck this month!

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