Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exciting Happenings!

Jocelynn lost her first tooth!!!! She was super excited!

I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up! We have also had great success the last week with staying dry at night. Also the teacher tells me everyday what a great job Jocelynn is doing in school, sometimes it is hard to hold her attention, but she is Also she is picking up some advanced information....she is into addition, which is fun. She pretty much knows how to add she just looks for reassurance from me.

Tomorrow is my birthday! I always get excited for my birthday. I thought as I got older I wouldn't but I was wrong. John is taking me out to dinner and to do some window shopping. I am sure he has something up his sleeve, but he always likes to surprise me. He is the BEST husband!

Jocelynn keeps telling me she is NOT telling me what she is getting me for my birthday. She believes she isn't going to school, but I have to still go to

Life has been pretty boring. I like it that way!


On the TTC front.....I have about 7-10 days until what should be the end of my cycle.....I really wish a home pregnancy test worked for me so I could start testing. I have to have bloodwork done and I won't call the Dr. until I am 1-2 weeks late. The earliest I will call the Dr. (if AF hasn't showed) is 2/28.  It would be nice if this long, emotional journey would end and we would get the BFP we have been waiting for, for over 4 years!!!

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