Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hanging in there...

This week has been interesting.

I was offered more hours at I can work 28 hours a week (up from 22) and I am hoping that will increase more as the year progresses and CVHS moves in a wonderful direction!!

John and I joined the Gym on Monday. We are planning on going 3x a week and working out for an 1 hour each I said this is to start, we will increase that as our weight goes down. John is meeting with the personal trainer at the gym to go over his goals and set up a workout routine that will work for him!

I have my eye Dr. appointment on Friday....I can't wait. I hate not having my glasses, especially at night. I refuse to drive right now at night. The 2 times I have (thankfully Jocelynn was not in the car) I saw double the entire way home.....not doing that anymore! It isn't safe.

Mulan has her annual Vet check-up on Tuesday (4/12) I am curious to see what she weighs! This has been an issue in the past (she has always been underweight) I am hoping that this is no longer an issue!

For anyone who in interested, I have found a wonderful online family calender ( also have an app for the android and iPhones. I have just started using this to keep track of appointment and such and I LOVE IT! I have even been able to implement the calender at work and it is wonderful!

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