Friday, October 9, 2009

News from the Dr.

John had a visit to the Endocrinologist that didn't go exactly how we expect. The Dr. ordered more blood work, another semen analysis and an u/s on John's testicles.

John went yesterday for the u/s and the Dr. called us today with the result. Sure enough, John has a moderate Varicocele. I am slightly relieved and worried all at the same time. Of all the treatment options this is the 'easiest' and I say easiest lightly. But this mean John will have to have surgery, which always scares the hell out of me!

On the TTC front this is good news. After doing some reading and research, this could be the answer to John's low sperm and testosterone issues.

We are now waiting for the Endocrinologist and our Primary Care Physician to talk to each other and determine the next step we take. It seems our lives are always a waiting game.

Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers. He seems to be handling this diagnosis ok, but I am worried about him!

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