Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On to yet another cycle!

CD1 today! Not a big shocker since I have been spotting for 2-3 days. I just always get a little hopeful that this is the month that our dream comes true. It would have been very fitting to get pregnant the month before John;s It just wasn't in the cards for us.

John's surgery consult is coming up fast. 11/2 to be exact. I feel strange being excited and worried at the same time. I hate the fact that John has to have surgery but is also an answer to a lot of the issues he is dealing with. I am by no means thinking this is going to solve everything. In fact it may solve nothing, but we will never know until we go down the path laid before us. We have to try all the options and starting with the easiest and least expensive is a good idea. I know it sounds funny to call surgery easy and inexpensive, but the other treatments are much more involves and more out of pocket cost....not to mention IVF is around $30,000 an pop. Insurance pays for NONE of this.

Let's not step up on that soap box. I could go on and on..........but i won't.

Life has been crazy it seems. Halloween is right around the corner and I hope the rain lets up so we can take Jocelynn trick or treating on Friday night. She is going to be a Pirate and I will post pictures over the weekend. Here is her halloween picture we sent out. She had to have the picture taken with Spanky!

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