Wednesday, October 14, 2009


John received a call from out PCP today. He has an appointment with a Urologist on Monday 11/2. Our PCP said he pulled some string to get him in that early. Hopefully his surgery will be scheduled shortly after that! Seems John has a thing for going in for surgery around Thanksgiving. Last year he had his sinus surgery 1 week before

Life has been pretty boring. John and I are in the process of cleaning out one of the other bedrooms in the upstairs for Jocelynn. Here current bedroom is right next to our bedroom (they share a wall) and she kicks in her sleep. So John and I are up at least once a night. Also we hear every little sound she makes. The bedroom we are cleaning for her is down the hallway, still close enough for us to hear her when she really needs us, but we are hoping to get more sleep at night. Also we are planning on finally moving her toys out of the living room and into her bedroom, her new room is much larger then her old room. Plus the new room has a closet. Right now she is using an Armour and it just isn't big enough for her cloths.

We will be saving her old room as a nursery, it is already painted yellow and green, very gender neutral. Also it is close to our room which works out well with babies! We will see, I feel like we are putting the cart before the horse but I'm trying to be optimistic with the resent news we have gotten about John.

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