Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Times!

I want to wish my brother Jeremy a very happy 25th birthday! Man I feel old!

We have finally made some progress! Jocelynn is still in night time 'diapers'. It is frustrating and expensive, but I can't really knock her since it is her genes. I have really started working on getting her through the night dry. No drinks after dinner except about 3 sips at bed time, also keeping an eye on her liquid intake level during the day and making sure she goes potty right before bed.

Well, it did seem to making a difference until last night. She woke up completely dry! I was ecstatic. Also she took a 2 hour nap this afternoon and again completely dry when she woke up! I know it could be a one day thing, but it is progress!

I did praise her and made a huge deal about it. She got excited and said, I guess Santa has me on the nice list now! so cute!

I guess we will se what tomorrow morning brings!

On another note, my Mom walked into the kitchen tonight to find her getting in the fridge to get herself something to drink (which she knows is a no-no). Well, Mom was working on the grocery list, spoke to Jocelynn about what she was doing wrong, and then went back to her list. With a look of complete horror on her face she asked my Mom "are you putting me on the naughty list"? Mom and I cried we were laughing so hard. It is funny how she takes the whole naughty/nice list so seriously!

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