Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Appointment Down.....bring on the hospital!

Today was John's appointment with the surgeon. We didn't get a surgery date, but we will have one by the end of the week....hopefully. The Dr. said the ladies that schedule the surgery will be calling Thursday or Friday, So I am pretty sure we will have a date by Friday.

The surgery is a little more involved then we first thought. He may have to stay in MHG over night for observation. The Dr. said if he looks good and feels good the evening of the surgery, then by all means he will send him home. Surgery will be on a Thursday, the Dr. said end of February, Beginning of March.....but we will know more

I am feeling better. Still not 100%. I have this weird nasal.chest congestion and clicking in my ears when I swallow. I guess I will be going to the Dr. if I am not better by next week.

Jocelynn is doing good. She amazes me every day! She is so funny and so entertaining with her 'phrases' she comes out with.

Just tonight, Mom was taking down the curtains in the living room and Bath room, Jocelynn comes in and says "grammie you are ruining my life." Mom said "what?" and Jocelynn said "you are ruining my life by taking down the curtains." I don't know were she comes up with these

CD27 today. Not sure what will happen this month, but I guess the next 10 days will tell.

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