Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting better!

Happy Birthday Jody!!!!!!!!!

Things have been good. The Dr. didn't call with a surgery date, but John will call and harass them next

Work is good, there are changes being made that are upsetting, but life will go on.

Jocelynn is doing great. Still working at staying dry at night, but we are moving in baby steps forward. She is always surprising me with the little things she comes up with.

I have been doing ok. I am feeling better after having some kinda sinus/chest congestion thing. Not sure what it was all about but it can go away. ever since my pneumonia last July, I have had a small cough, but this is crazy. I might head to the Dr. next week if it doesn't get any better.

I am officially late again.....not hoping too much, but always a little. I just wish I could take a pregnancy test and know for sure yes or no. I hate being in Limbo. I suppose if I don't start by Thursday/Friday I will call the Dr. That will put me past the longest cycle I have ever had. It would be great if this was our month.....I guess only time will tell.

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