Wednesday, January 27, 2010


John's surgery is scheduled for Thursday 2/25/10. We don't have a specific time, but at least we have a date now! We will be receiving a packed in the mail and hopefully it will have a time. We will be going to Massachusetts General Hospital. We are excited and nervous. I am hoping this helps John feel better and helps him get healthy again.

We really like the Dr. who will be preforming the surgery. He knows all of our concerns and he has gone over the risk and we understand. Varicoceles are something that John will be faced with for the rest of his life. Although it is stated that it is harmless, the Dr. believes that the varicocele is the cause of John's low sperm count, low testoterone (which causes his mood swings) and the pain that he has been experiencing.

The prognosis looks very good for repairing all the issues that the varicocele has created and also we are praying that it will help in our journey to add more little ones to the the family!

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