Friday, February 19, 2010

Jocelynn's Boo-Boo.....

Jocelynn had her first set of Stitched on Wednesday (2/17/2010). 3 Stitched in her left butt cheeke......go ahead snicker....I'm not the least bit surprised that her first set of stitches are in that particular place. She is not the most graceful person and spends alot of time falling on her bottom and knees. It isn't her 'fault', she has a issue with her feet turning in. we are currently seeing an pediatric Orthopedic Specialist. She has a check-up with him on 3/23/2010. She sees him once a year to make sure this issue isn't getting worse. He states that this is something that should be fixed as she grows and her legs become stronger. Worse case scenerio, she will need surgery when she is a teen.

Anywho, she was playing in the livingroom, my dad was watching her (I was at work and John was in Mass. at his pre-surgery appointment). My dad said she fell and started crying pretty good (usually we just tell her to get up, she will be alright), Dad knew by the cry that she had hurt herself pretty good.

He finds the wound and gives me a call at work, told me he thinks she needs stitches. Ok, I call the Dr. office, speak to the nurse and she says to bring her down and the Dr. will see her.

We get to the office, he looks at the wound and says, "yes, that will need stitches." I was alittle nervous, this is her first major 'accident' and it isn't as major as it could be.

Lots of crying (I'll admit, a little by me too), 3 needles pokes, trying to calm a 4 year old down and 3 stitches later we are done. phew..... She was a trooper and really did as well as any 4 year old who doesn't understand what is happening and why she has to get hurt could do. I was very proud of her (and a little of me because I didn't completely break down like I could have). It was by far the WORST experience of my life. It wasn't really bad, but it was MY child who was hurting! It is the worst feeling to know they are in pain or sick and you can't do anything about it!

She hasn't complained at all about her boo-boo since. She sat wrong once and said "owww" but you wouldn't even know other wise. She goes back on 2/26 to have the stitches removed. That should be "fun" as well.

Here is what I found out happened......We have baseboard heat, apparently the cover to the heater fell off (whether before the fall or it was kicked off in the process of her fall, we don't know)She fell right on the metal brackets that support the heater.

It looks really good, no infection, but it is pretty black and blue!

I know this is the first of may bruises and boo-boo's. Some with me worse then others, hopefully I can deal with it

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