Monday, February 15, 2010

More Time and Birthday

There are never enough hours in the day....LOL

John finally received a call from the Dr. We are keeping his meds at the same dose, this is very good news to me. I guess we will see what the next set of blood-work says....

Things have been interesting around here. I had a wonderful birthday! Spending time with John and Jocelynn on my birthday and then having family dinner the next night was great! I have passed the 30 mark and although it was hard, this year was a breeze! 31 in no big deal! I am still a spring chicken, even though sometimes I don't feel like it!

So I bet you are all dying to know what I got for my birthday?????? Here are a!

The 'Edward' teddy bear from Build-a-Bear from Jekka!
The flowers from John and Jocelynn

John gave me a Pandora bracelet!! I have been wanting one since before Christmas! I have the sterling silver one and my parents, brothers and grandfather all gave me money to purchase or purchased a charm for the bracelet! 

The Bracelet and 2 Clips to help keep the charms in place are from John
My Mom gave me money and I purchased a charm with my birthstone....which I though was fitting since I received the bracelet for my birthday.
 My Dad gave me money and I purchased a charm with Jocelynn's Birthstone.
Cory, Kristina and Brooke gave me an elephant charm for good luck.
Jeremy and Jen gave me a rabbit charm.I love rabbits!
Grandpa gave me money and I think I will be adding the angel of hope charm to my bracelet!
I have wanted a charm bracelet for many years and completely over the moon happy that I have one now!

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Jekka09 said...

Your bracelet is going to be beautiful. I want a Pandora soooo bad. <3

That bear of yours is awfully adorable, and I bet he was made with lots and lots of love. :) <3

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