Monday, June 23, 2008

The Beginning

I have decided that I will try this. I am fairly new to this blog idea and have only ever put a few things down on my myspace page.

So where to begin? My husband (John) and I have been together since January 1, 2000. Before that we were friends for 7 years. The first 6 months of our relationship was long distance (I lived in Maine and he lived in Delaware), it was tough to say the least but we made it through! In June of 2000 I move to Delaware to be with this man who I new was my soul mate and the love of my life!

We took our very first vacation together in July of 2000 to Myrtle Beach, SC. that is where he proposed to me!!!! Of course the answer was YES!!!!!! I was the happiest girl in the entire world!

We spent our first christmas together as a couple and it was wonderful but I began to miss my family. So in March of 2001 John and I made the decision to move back to Maine. He had family up here as well as all my family was here. We have never looked back and all though we miss his parents and best friend most of the time, John and I have no regrets. This is where we belong and where we wanted to raise our children!

So the wedding planning began and the time flew by. On June 8, 2002 my dreams came true! We said our I Do's and officially became man and wife!!!!!!! Our day was beautiful and exactly how I pictured it. My Mother was wonderful and worked extremely hard for us, making the 3 bridemaids dresses, the flower girl dress, the wedding cake and my dress! What would I have ever done without her? We spent the night in our new apartment and the weekend with family and friends, most of whom had traveled from out of state for John and I's special day. The following Monday (6/10) we left for our honeymoon. Going to Washington DC and spending even more time with his friends and family in Delaware. I would change it for the world!

So life began, we had a cute (small) apartment but it was ours! We knew that we wanted to be parents and that we wanted to be young parents so we started trying to conceive our family immediatly, I had gone off the pill the previous september, and although we weren't actively trying we weren't preventing either. Little did we know the struggles that some couple face to make their dream of being parents a reality!

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