Monday, June 30, 2008

What is my body doing to me????

So today was the u/s to check my follie growth. I truely expected to see at least 3.......there was 1 on the left side (21.3) *shocked* OK we can handle one....that's all it take to make a baby right. Lining was 10.13

So I guess you could say I am in the 2ww (two week wait) Progesterone level test (P4) on 7/7/08 and a Blood Pregnancy Test (BETA) on 7/14/08. Let the worrying, wondering and speculating begin....LOL

Something else I found out today....although one mature follies is fantastic, because I was on medication (Gonal-F 225 iu/day) I should have had more. My RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) believes I may beginning diminished ovarian reserves (DOR) (Thanks you ladies of CO for setting me I feel like an ASS).

We won't know for sure until next cycle, (if we don't get pregnant this cycle) when they will do a Clomid Challenge and test the hormone levels in my blood and that will tell them!

I truely am hoping and praying that this follie contains the 'golden' egg and I won't have to worry about DOR unless we decide we want more then 2 children. Just another curve ball thrown my way......come on I can take it!!!!!!

"What is diminished ovarian reserve, and why does it make it hard to conceive on your own?

As a woman ages, her fertility decreases. This decrease occurs slowly up until about 35 years of age, when fertility falls even faster. This drop in fertility is seen even in women who have perfectly normal, regular menstrual cycles. In fact for some women, fertility may no longer be possible five to 10 years before menopause. Diminished fertility, also called diminished ovarian reserve, is thought to reflect both a decreased number of eggs and a decrease in egg quality.
To test for diminished ovarian reserve, doctors use the clomiphene challenge test and day 3 FSH testing. This involves measuring your levels of the hormones FSH and estradiol on the third day of your cycle. Then, from day 5 through day 9, you take 100mg clomiphene (two tablets) each day. A day or two later, FSH level is measured again. If the FSH value is high, that indicates your fertility potential is diminished due to age. Values of FSH above 10 indicate that you may have difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy. Values over 14-15 indicate that your chance of success would probably be nil without egg donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF)."

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barrenbride said...

Don't feel like an ass hun. I didn't really know the full bit about DOR and POM. We all make mistakes, and that stuff is usually not something you know until you HAVE to learn about it.

I'm still praying this is a fluke cycle and that's it.

Good luck hun!


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