Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TTC #1, The Beginning.....2004-2005

INFERTILITY. Who knew one word could mean so much or hurt so much. For 2 long years after we were married, we had no success, my cycles would throw me a 'symptom' or be late but never did it result in a positive pregnancy test. I was beginning to tire of it all and emotionally I had hit a wall! So in July of 2004, John and I dicussed with my OB/GYN and Primary Care Physician (PCP) what could possibly be wrong. My OB/GYN said we were having difficulties because I was overweight....GAAH....that is always the answer for everything and little did I know just how wrong she was. Luckily my PCP was a little more concerned and suggested I find and new OB/GYN and suggested Garrison Woman 's Health (GWH)! Later I would realize that that suggestion would be my lifesaver!

So I called GWH and made an appointment with one of the Dr. to begin the steps. This was August of 2004, and during my appointment she asked ALOT of questions, and began the information I pumped her full of my life history and my families! She found out I hadn't been on Birth Control Pills (BCP) for almost 3 years and that we were actively trying to conceive (TTC) for 2 years. She suggested since we had been TTC for so long that we see the Fertility Specialist in the office, Jane.

I took the suggestion home to John and we discussed it, and although neither of us thought there was an issue (man were we wrong) we decided that it couldn't hurt to ask an expert a few questions and find out what she thought.

I made an appointment for October of 2004, She did the initial bloodwork (b/w) and test. All in all it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be and we discussed what the issues may be, and of course my weight came up but she said she didn't want to make any definate diagnoses until she had all my b/w and test results back. So she had us make an appointment for 2 weeks and we would discuss her findings!

the 2 weeks flew by, and we were sitting in her office again. PCOS or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrom! What, what the hell is that? Check out to get the full information on PCOS http://www.projectpcos.org/ .

"Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal problem in women. It is also a metabolic disorder that affects several body systems and can cause significant long-term health consequences. PCOS is often characterized by enlarged ovaries, with multiple small painless cysts or follicles that form in the ovary. Two other key features of PCOS are production of excess androgens (male sex hormones) and anovulation (the failure to ovulate properly), which makes PCOS the leading cause of infertility."

SO a battery of test were ordered, including a Semen Annalysis (s/a) for John which he was not too happy about, but he agreed to do after he realized what I would be going through. And it BEGAN!

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