Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally! 2005

So after five month with our specialist (RE) and no luck with pregnancy, she decided it was time to take the next step and takes some medication. I had been on the Metformin and Prenatal Vitamins since our first visit.

So the first month on clomid was ok. Experienced the usual side effects (s/e) but nothing I couldn't handle. The RE decided that she wasnted to run a postcoital test on me towards the end of my cycle. "A postcoital test checks a woman's cervical mucus after sex to see whether sperm are present and moving normally. This test may be used if a woman is not able to become pregnant (infertility) and other tests have not found a cause" The prefer to not do this test on pregnant women, but it can be done. So they gave me a pregnancy test (urine) in the Dr.'s office and it came back a BFN. In my head I knew that the results were wrong, but I allowed the RE to go ahead with the test because I knew that if God meant for it to be, it would still be. The results of the test came back normal and when asked about coming back for a blood pregnancy test (BETA) and was told a week.

So the next week I still hadn't had a visit from my lovely monthly visitor (AF) so I went into the office. I knew in the back of my mind that I was in fact pregnant, but I didn't have ANY symptoms other then not being able to stomach the thought (look, smell or taste) of a Bacon Cheeseburger....LOL

I remember the exact time I received the phone call from the Dr. I was sitting at my desk at work, it was about 1:45 PM on Wednesday, March 15, 2005. I answered the phone and she asked for me and knoew right away it was good news. The previous 5 months, the RE's nurse would call me with the results and on that day it was the actual RE!!!!! Sure enough I WAS PREGNANT!!!!!!! I sat at my desk and cried, the wonderful ladies that I worked with all knew what I had been through and thought it was another BFN. So when I got off the phone and told them, they cried right along with me!!!!!

I called my Husband (DH) and my mother! I went back in for another BETA to make sure it was doubling and scheduled an u/s. My numbers were so high that they thought it was twins. At my u/s we saw and heard the heartbeat and found out that it was only one!

My Estimated Due Date (EDD) was 12/4/2005. and my beautiful Daughter, Jocelynn Noelle, arrived on 12/12/2005 at 1:58am after 82 (eighty two) hours of labor!

It was a beautiful experience and I thank my midwife and family (My dad, Mom and Sister-in-law were in the delivery room!) for making it so!

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