Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cycle 19 of TTC #2 ~ June 2008

So today I went in for an u/s to make sure there were no cysts so I could take my hormone injections! NO CYSTS!!!!! So I start today with my nightly injections of Gonal-F with bloodwork on Saturday to check my E2 levels.

I am excited about this cycle and hoping that the last 4 months of non medicated cycles will have my ovaries reacting very well to the medication this month.

In the last 19 cycles we have gone about as far as you can go before choosing IVF. Clomid, Gonal-F and IUI's. With a month here or there off because of the damn cyst that the mediction gave me. 4 months ago was a non-medicated cycle because of a stupid cyst and then the last 3 cycle we decided to see what my body would do on it's own and low and behold, EVERYTHING!!!!!

On the non-medicated cycles, I thought for a small moment that I might be 'normal'! My body was working and it was great! unfortunatly still no pregnancy, so we decided that after a break, picking up the medication again would be a good idea. So here we are!

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