Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wow.....what a week!

Ok...so for starters, I had bloodwork done yesterday to check my P4 levels ~ 17.21...which the RE says is great....basically means I ovulated.....I have been so nauseous and my breast have been super sore......not trying to read to much into it!

Of course I have been super busy with the 4th of July and Jocelynn has been sick for the last 3 days, so my mind has been on other things!

Jocelynn started late Sunday afternoon feeling super warm.....we had gone to my sister-in-laws (sil) for a cook out and she was out of it. She hadn't had a nap that day so I thought she was just tired....I feel like such a horrible mother!

Finally on the way home....she just looked horrible.....I took her temp when we got home and sure enought 100.1.....which isn't a hugh fever but for this child it is high because she runs in the 97.5 range. So we started with the Tylenol. She had me up pretty much all night. I think we got a total of 3 hours sleep....which was broken up, in 20-30 minute intervals

Monday, she seemed better, still just laying around but eatting and drinking fine....or so I thought. Lunch was another story. Chicken Noodle Soup made her vomit. WTH!! She was better Monday night but you see in her eyes that she still wasn't herself. I took her temp through Monday an it stayed between 99.3 and 100.1. So more Tylenol it is. She slept much better and only had me up twice....we both needed the much needed rest!

So this morning she seems to be more herself.....still relaxing and laying on the couch more then usual and still running a temp of 99.7........If by tomorrow morning her temp isn't gone I will call the Dr.

At first I thought all this was her 2-year-molers....but the vomiting threw me off. Then I thought well maybe she has an ear infection from swimming in the pool and getting water in her ears....but no complaints of her ears hurting......So my conclusion is it is a bug.....might explain my nausea....although I am truely hoping mine is morning sickness.......even thought I know in the back of my mind it is to early!

Please pray that Jocelynn gets better and the rest of my weeks stays uneventful.

On a side not it is hotter then Hell today....I may attempt to take Jocelynn in the pool...maybe that will help cool her off and take care of her temp. (oh, and next Monday is my BETA....please let this be the month!!!!)

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