Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On to another cycle...

So my Beta yesterday was a BFN...... I was really hoping this cycle was it, but once again i am just a HUGH disappointment!

So, next cycle is the Clomid challange so my RE can check my levels and find out if I am in fact in DOR.

John and I discussed things last night, If I do not have DOR, then we are going to take a TTC break for the next six months, not preventing, but no temping, OPK's, dr. appointments and meds. I just feel like I need this.

If I do have DOR, then we are going to have to save up for IVF or adoption......we haven't done much research, but we will be for we make a choice.

Pray for us, I really have no strength for any of this any more. I am not putting my full attention on Jocelynn, and I thank God everyday for her!

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