Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jocelynn's OK

So....I brought Jocelynn to the Dr,. yesterday afternoon because she has been running a temp since Sunday evening and Tuesday my Mom noticed red/white spots in her mouth and red spots on he cheek and chin.

So the Dr. said it was a Virus and that there wasn't much to do but let it run it's course....GAAH....So right now I am giving her Tylenol every four hours for the fever and the mouth pain. He said that if she gets worse or hasn't gotten better by the beginning of next week to call the office again.....The great thing is he goes on vacation on Friday....WTF....Thankfully I completely trust his associate....she is actually great, and John and I have seen her on occasion and I have complete trust in her as well!!!!!

So this morning I did notice two more spots on Jocelynn's cheek and chin. The Dr. said those spots looked like bug bites....which I agree, but what about the two new ones? She wasn't outside last night (other the running to Wal-mart). So I will continue to keep an eye on those and if ANY more show up I will be calling the Dr. again......

She does seem to be in better mood today and she actually got down off the couch to play with her toys (which she hasn't done all week) so I guess that is a step in the right direction!!!!

On a side not, the Dr. walked into the exam room, and this is what was said between Jocelynn and the I have a drama queen on m hands.....LMAO

Jocelynn: "Hi, I sick."
Dr.: "I know what is wrong?"
Jocelynn: "I sick."
Dr.: "what hurts?"
Jocelynn: "You make my mouth feel better?"

OMG!!!!! My 2 year old is brilliant......ok so I would think but I was amazed!!!!!! Even last night and today, she would do something she wasn't supposed to and we would get mad and she gives you that sad puppy face and would say "I sick." Ma she s already learning to play people....I am in sooooooo much trouble!!!!!!!!

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