Saturday, July 19, 2008


SO.....My plan in my previous post has gone down the drain!!! I went for an u/s and sure enough There is a Cyst.....

So this cycle is a bust already!!! I actually am wondering now if I even ovulated last cycle since it is the same side and same size as the follie I had mid cycle........Mother Nature is a cruel BITCH!

Depending on when I start the next cycle, I may have to sit that one out as well. We are planning a trip to the in-laws from Thursday 8/14 thru Monday 8/18 and if I go my usual 28 days, CD1 should be Tuesday 8/12. But if she decides to be a royal bitch and show late, I won't be around for the u/s to see if this cyst is gone, and with no u/s I can't take meds......

So I am praying that the witch shows on time or even early would be great!!!!

And to top everything off, when i showed up at the RE office today, there is a woman who I went to school. Usually not a problem , except this woman drives me insane.....Hello, WTF are you doing? Jane is my Dr......Couldn't she have found another Dr...... GAAH I'm just being Bitchy!!!!!!

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Mindy said...

I'm so sorry Shelly. Mother nature can be a cruel bitch sometimes. :(


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