Friday, July 11, 2008

My poor Baby!!!!

So Jocelynn was stung by 2 wasps today. She was visiting her Auntie Robin and found a wasps nest that Robin didn't know they had.

She has this very cute water can laen decoration. Jocelynn thought it would be cute to go over and drop her baby doll in the watering can.....usually wouldn't have been a problem, except Uncle Tony had placed an empty Dr. Pepper can in the watering can. So when Jocelynn leaned over to look in and get her baby doll out........bam, she gets stung.

Man did she cry, Robin and Tony live two houses down the street from us and I was headed down to say goodnight (she is spending the night there because John and I have to get up early to help CVHS with their annual craft fair!) and I heard her crying. I wasn't alarmed because she is a klutz and is always falling.....well, as I got closer I realized this is something different. MY POOR BABY!!!!! Luckily Robin is an RN so she put mud on it right away. I was worried since Jocelynn has never been stung by ANYTHING! So we watched her and she is fine, just a little red and tender.

Here is the sad thing, she kept whimpering and crying, so I tried to console her only to find out she was upset that her baby doll was still in the watering can......huh? So Daddy and Grampa tackled the can and the wasps to get Jocelynn's baby doll. Once she had this in her arms she stopped crying and was OK. I tried to tell her we would buy her a new baby doll, but she wanted that one of course.....

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