Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Beautiful Poem

A Love Poem Written By John David Miller, Sr. (8-19-1916 * 11-27-08) in 1994 To His Wife Who passed in 1992 (Written by John's Poppop to him Mommom)

Two years have passed and gone

Since the one I loved so well

was taken from our home on earth

with our Lord Jesus Christ to dwell

When our family gets together

and there is one we fail to see

It fills my heart with sadness

Thinking how it used to be

A thousand times I've needed you

A thousand times I've cried

I still love and miss you

You were always by my side

The flowers i place upon your grave

may wither and decay

but my love love and memories of you

shall never fade away

the many precious years together

you made all my dreams come true

and as the days and years go by

I'll be content with my memories of you!

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