Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time to enjoy the Holidays!

So, I have finished! All of my Christmas shopping is done! And all but 4 presents are wrapped!!! WOOHOO!!!

Now I can concentrate on baking. Lots of Sugar Cookies and No Baked Cookies! Hoping to spend allot of Christmas Eve baking! Especially since it seems we are going to be snowed in!

The weather is driving me crazy! Not so much now that my shopping is done! We have been having back to back snow storms. First the Ice storm on Friday (12/12) which left us without power for most of the day (21 hours). Then a snow storm on Tuesday (12/16) and Friday (12/19 and in fact it is still lightly dusting snow!). The weather forecast is calling for snow the next 2 days, with 1 day break and then a wintry mix on Christmas Eve! Thankfully they are predicting the sun to shine on Christmas day!

I love snow! But I also know when enough is enough. All I want is a white Christmas and then it can disappear until next year! I always end up having a Hugh snow storm hit on my birthday in Feb. The joy of living in New England I guess!

Every day i am getting more and more excited for Christmas! I feel like a kid who still believes in Santa and I think that is because of Jocelynn. She is so excited this year! She asks me every day "how many days until Santa comes?" It is so cute. When she is misbehaving she knows Santa is watching because I will ask her what happens when she is bad and she say "Santa will know and I will be on naughty list." LMAO! Seeing Christmas through a child's eyes is the best! Makes even the Scrooges enjoy the holidays!!!

PS Happy Birthday to my Brother Jeremy! He is 24 today!

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