Monday, December 15, 2008

Jocelynn's Annual Check-up!

All I have to say is WOW! I didn't realize kids grew so big so fast....LOL

Jocelynn had her annual check-up at the Dr. She is 42.6 pounds (100th percentile) and 40 inches tall (97th percentile). She is as big as a 5 year old. How the hell did this happen? I know John and I are not small people (6 foot and 5 foot 6 inches) but to have a child that is so much bigger then her peers. I am now worried about what will happen in school. I don't want her to be picked on and ridiculed for her size. I am hoping she will slow down a bit. Growing 5 inches and gaining 5 pounds in a year is a lot! I guess only time will tell!

Other then that she is, and I quote, "PERFECT!" She sis have her Hepatitis A Vaccine, which is new for 3 year old, and she will have to go back for another in 6 months. She didn't get her flu shot because they were out of the shot, but I will call in a few weeks to see if they are available! She cried during the shot. I always hate that part, but as soon as I said we were ready to leave and get stickers, she was fine. She handles her shots very well. She always has, so in that aspect I feel I am lucky!

She does have a few more visits coming up over the next year. I must call and make an appointment (her first) for the dentist,call for the Flu shot, a checkup with the orthopedic specialist for her feet in June, her second Hep A shot in June and the her annual in December. I am hoping that is all we have to do and that this year is a healthy year for her!

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