Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2nd acupuncture appointment!!!

The appointment when good! different placemement of the needles ~ weird places if you ask me ~ but I trust the know what they are doing! He purchased another powder to mix with water. This one is far worse then the other one, but he is taking them like a trooper, faithfully every night. Man I really love him for going through all this just to help us have another child!
Jocelynn has been a completely different child the last 2.5 days. Minding much better and her attitude has calmed a bit. I guess taking the calmer approach is working. Let see how it continues.....I am sure she will have her good and bad days!!!!!!!
I found out yesterday that my girlfriend is due April 13!!!!!! I am so excited and can't wait to see them again! Hoping they will beable to make the trip in December! Time will tell!!!!!!
Not much else is going on.......but I seem super busy (I guess watching two 2.5 year olds and a 8 month old will do that! LOL

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Anonymous said...

hey sweetie I didnt know that you had a blog - I hope the acupuncture works for you - u'll have to check out my blog and comment

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