Monday, September 29, 2008


Life has a funny way of happening all around you.

John is still sick, and I am seriously starting to worry. I will give the antibiotics until Thursday to start working or I call the Dr. again. It has moved from his nose to his chest and I'm not playing around with that shit.

Other then life we have just been going day to day. I'm trying not to freak out since I only have 4 more days until testing!!!!! I kinda know in the back of my mind and in my heart that it will be a BFN. I have NO symptoms....not even the fake ones that my body likes to trick me with. But, never the less, I need to POAS just to make sure!!!!!

Jocelynn has been so busy lately. My Mom taught her the Hokey Pokey, so she has been running around singing that all week. Also just dancing up a storm. She can't hear music without wiggling her little bottom. It is the cutest thing. Every day she amazes me with something she does or says. She really is turning into an adorable little girl with a personality most would die for....LOL (but I may be a bit He latest is saying WOOHOO after something that she is interested in doing. For instant at dinner I will say "dinner's ready." and she will Woohoo all the way to the table....LOL Also I have started having to give her choices on items. Such as what to wear, drink, or eat for lunch. If I say "Jocelynn come here so we can get dressed". She will look at the outfit and say "Mommy, I don't love it!" WHAT? *shock* But if she is given the choice between 2 outfits she is happy. Also I have started letting her choose her own hair piece. It makes brushing and fixing her hair much easier.

I am having a hard time letting her make some of these choices. I don't want to admit that she is growing up and able to make these choices on her own. I don't want to let my baby go...LOL....I know I am crazy. At the same time she is so much fun and bring so much joy to my life! I sometimes sit at night, watching her, and wonder what we ever did for 'entertainment' before she was born...LOL Now if only we could be blessed with another child!

And then I feel guilty for being so upset that I am having trouble with #2. So many of my wonderful girlfriends are struggling with #1. I would give up my chance of #2 for them to be able to have their first. They all deserve it soooooo much and I know that all of them will be blessed at some point and will be WONDERFUL mothers! They have been there for me in more ways then they will ever know and I don't know were i would be without them! Love you Ladies!!!!!!!!

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texicaligirl said...

joss sounds like such a fun little girl!! she needs a little brother or sister!! are you testing on friday?

thanks again for being my angel.


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