Friday, September 12, 2008


Thursday John had his 3rd acupuncture appointment. It went well. He will be going twice a week for a couple of weeks (Tuesdays and Thursdays). I will only update about them is anything new happens.

This week has been pretty good. FINALLY the computer seems to be fixed....MAN I HATE VISTA!!!! If I had my way we would have bought a Mac, but no John wanted a PC....Now he says he wished he had listened to I love when I am right!

Did some canning this week. Made applesauce and canned it and also processed two pumpkins (aka Muk muks) and placed them in the freezer in 2 cup measurements.....i think I will be all set for the holidays. I now have enough Zucchini for about 8-10 loafs of bread, enough pumpkin for 8 breads or 4 pies and 3 large jars of applesauce. We are thinking about going to Butternut Farm and picking some more apples. I would live to make apple pie filling and can it. I am praying that all this canning and freezing will make the holidays easier. I plan on doing a TON of baking this year since I will be home. I LOVE to bake!!!!!!

I have also started a list of 'supplies' for Thanksgiving. Because of the price of groceries, I am trying to pick up the items I can in or two each week. We will see how that goes.....just can't stand the price of groceries anymore. Makes me want to move out to no mans land and start a farm......raise and grow EVERYTHING myself. Who am I kidding....I don;t want to have to do that much work....LOL

On a side note! Welcome Jackson Robert!!!! He was born yesterday to a friend!!!!

Now I can't wait to meet Braydon and Charlotte, anytime now!!!!!! I am not so patiently waiting....LOL. And Derek in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!

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