Saturday, September 6, 2008

Parenting Frustrations.....

Jocelynn has been very easy to potty train, and I thought we had pretty much succeeded until this week. She has had at least an accident a day.....and usually after she has just sat on the potty. There is rarely a time when I sit her on the potty that she doesn't at least pee, a little, but something. This past week has been very different.

I have also been dealing with a very strong willed and mischief child. Purposely doing things that she has know all along she can't do, mouthing back to me and purposely being mean to Wyatt and Brooke. Also acting like a baby....climbing into my lap and say gaa gaa and goo goo and telling me she is a baby.....I can't figure her out.

I know kids go through a period of jealously when thing in the house change.....but I have been watching Wyatt (my friends 7 month old) since the middle of May...and Jocey is just now acting up about it? I have a feeling she is doing some MAJOR testing and it has about broken me. Her attitude alone rivals a 16 year old.....what the hell am I going to do when she is actually 16?????

I guess for now just staying consistent and not letting her get away with things is what will work....I just feel like I am constantly on her about something.

For example a typical day consists of beginning our day with a battle about getting dressed....she would stay in her PJ's if I let her. Then I am on her to eat breakfast...she is mot a breakfast person and usually only eats a banana or yogurt. Then if Brooke comes over (My niece who is 3 weeks older then Jocey) it is usually breaking up there fights.....I don't break every one up, because they need to handle conflict on there on, but to tell you the truth, Jocey can be a bully! I do have the 'once in a blue moon' days when they don't fight......and if Wyatt is here, I am constantly asking her to leave him alone...she is a mother hen and is always 'picking' at him. Then a battle over lunch....usually because she likes the meat and cheese in her sandwich but not the bread. Then nap time, easily 1 to 2 hours to get her to fall asleep....I just don't want to admit she is probably ready for no nap.....but when she doesn't sleep, she is a bear at night. After her nap and supper are pretty easy because John is home.....when he speaks, she jumps,,,,WTF!!! Bath time is not so bad except she fights me when I wash her hair.....and bed time is the easiest. She gives kisses and goes to bed with out a fight.

WOW.....My child is out of control now that I write it all out. Please don't get me wrong, Jocelynn is a great daughter...just extremely trying....I think I am seeing now why we haven't been able to have anymore.....maybe a blessing in disguise at this point.

But, then you take last night...we went out to dinner, and to the mall and iParty (started shopping for her b-day party and Christmas) and you couldn't have asked for a better behaved child. I don't know...just venting. Hopefully as she approaches her B-day things maybe will get can only hope....LOL

Please don't get me wrong....I love her and she is a blessing to me everyday....but also frustrating to no end! I still would not trade her for ANYTHING in this world!!!! She is MY world!

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