Sunday, September 7, 2008

CD 1 SUCKS!!!!!!!!

The witch decided to make this past month an official bust! GAAH!!!! I am happy that she didn't make me wait and wonder, but it would have been nice to not see her for the next 9 months!!!

I have stayed pretty busy today. John, my Mom and I took Jocelynn apple picking. It was fun and Jocelynn LOVED it! I will be making applesauce and pie filling. Mom and I will be canning it to use this holiday season. Also made some salsa from the tomatoes and green peppers from the garden. Can't wait to try that! It was nice to focus on something else besides my failure as a woman!

This week should be pretty quiet. John starts his 4 day work weeks. So we will have Friday, Saturday and Sunday together as a family. I can't wait. Not sure what we will do, but painting the garage (if the weather holds up) sounds like a good idea. Maybe one Friday we can go to Canobie Lake Park. We haven't been this year and Jocelynn loves the rides ~ we will see!

John has his second acupuncture appointment tomorrow. Hoping all goes well. He says he thinks the herbs the acupuncturist gave him are working....we will see in the next few weeks.

I have been thinking about checking out the town library. Seeing what programs they offer to get Jocey a jump start on reading. She loves books and I think just spending some time looking at book that she doesn't see everyday will keep her entertained. ~ Today was better then the past week. She has been listening much better and curbing her attitude more. Seems I have found a form of discipline and praise that is working (thanks Jody!!!).

On the ttc side, we have decided to not do anything this month. No u/s to check follie growth and no temping. I will still keep my chart, just so I know were I am in my cycle.....but we are trying the 'let's not make it the focus of our life' approach. Praying it will work. I'm just afraid I will be more crazy not knowing. Maybe I can keep busy.

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