Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm seeing a trend.....

......that is, month after month after month it is always the same......BFN. Why, by now, should I expect anything else? AF is due tomorrow and I really hope by some fluke, she will stay away for.....I don't know.....the next 9 MONTHS!!!! Thanks to my 'sisters' for trying to help me stay positive....I guess only time will tell.....again with the waiting *gaah* If AF isn't here by Monday/Tuesday I will call the Dr.

On to other news.....just tired of having a pity party!!!!

It was a day for just Jocelynn and I to spend together.....I really look forward to these days, and today it was much needed. She must have sensed something because I lost count of how many time she came to me, out of the blue, and hug me and say "mommy, I love you!" Made me tear up on more then one occasion! It was just what I needed today.

I'm looking forward to my weekend with John and Jocelynn. I am hoping to go check out The Apple Harvest Festival in downtown Dover. Just something to get us out of the house and enjoying the fall weather! I am tired of sitting in the house!!!!

John is feeling better. He called the Dr. at the beginning of the week and was placed on stronger antibiotics. I am afraid he has walking pnemonia. I will be keeping a close eye on him!!!

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Amber said...

dont worry girl - we are going to get our bfps - I am praying for u

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