Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had my second herbal consultation with the acupuncturist yesterday. It went fine, he did tweak my herbal mixture a little. Good news is I don't have to go back for 2 more weeks (11/5). Unless I do become pregnant and then I am to call him right away! John continues to go once a week, I guess only time will tell if any of this is going to help! I should be testing around the 30th, but since HPT's don't work for me, I will wait until about November 6th or 7th and if AF still isn't here I will call the Dr. for a blood test! WAITING YET AGAIN!!!!!!

I have been busy myself with the kiddos. Jocleynn, Brooke and Wyatt keep me very busy. I take advantage of nap time. I defiantly need that time to unwind, clean and do something for myself. Because after nap time come the busiest part of my day, Dinner. Making dinner for 3 adults and 2 three year olds and feeding the 9 month old keeps me pretty busy!

On top of everything above, I have been being Suzie homemaker..LOL. Mom and I have made the apple sauce, apple pie filling (2 pies made already too YUMMY!!!) and apple butter. Along with shredding the zucchini and mashing the pumpkin and freezing it so we have 'fresh' ingredients for our breads around the holidays!!!! (this has been happening for the last few weeks)

I don't know what has gotten into me. I have become the good little house wife! I have more energy then I sometimes know what to do with. Also, my overall mood is happy. Very strange for me. What are those herbs doing to me? I have a reputation of being a bitch to uphold! LMAO!

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Wow - you have been busy - i need some of those herbs hehe

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