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The Journal...

SO I decided that now is just as good a time as any. Below are the journal entries from when I was pregnant with Jocelynn. The date of the entry will be before the entry......

The Wait -- 11/16/2004
Notes: It has been a long 3 years trying to get pregnant. Finally after the many months of disappointment we decided to get help. I have been seeing a Fertility Specialist for only 1 month now but all the information has been good. I have been diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome. The link below will give you more information on this syndrome. The good news is this month because of the stress and pressure to get pregnant is no longer on my shoulders I may be pregnant. I will know on 11/28/04. The Dr, says that my body ovulated and did everything correctly so wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

Still Waiting -- 3/12/2005
Notes: Well, No positive test in the last 3-4 months. In the beginning of my last cycle I began taking hormones. Great news, they worked, just a little to well! I have 2 maturing eggs, possible twins, that is news that is hard to swallow. But, still very happy news for my husband and I. We have the support of both of our families and that is great. As well as both of our places of employment are 100% supportive. I guess it pays to work for small companies. I have another Dr. appointment tomorrow and we will see from there how things go. Everyone reading this please keep us in your prayers. Thank You

We're Expecting! -- 3/18/2005
Notes: After 3 1/2 years my husband and I have the news we have been longing to hear. We are Pregnant!!!!! What joyous news. As much as I wanted to wait a few weeks to spread the news it became increasingly harder until I couldn't do it anymore and ended up calling most of both of our families. It was excitement from everyone. It still hasn't hit what wonderful news this is but I'm sure it will soon! Words can't express how happy we are!!!!!

It Begins -- 4/7/2005
Notes: Well, Spoke to the Dr. today, I had a few concerns about what I should and shouldn't be doing and different things I am feeling. Thank goodness she was very patient and helpful. I have allot of questions and concerns since this is my first pregnancy. I am very excited because I was able to schedule my first ultrasound for April 26, 2005. I'm very excited as I will be hearing the heartbeat(s) for the first time and will know for sure whether or not it is twins, which is another avenue all together. My husband and I could not be any happier. Can't wait until we know whether it is a gal or fella, but that will be in time. Right now I am just getting used to the idea of being pregnant and being able to welcome a or many little ones into the world in December.

Ultrasound -- 4/26/2005
Notes: What a wonderful experience. My Husband and My mother were with me for the ultrasound. We were very happy to find out that it was just one baby and not two. Although twins would have been fun. The Dr. says everything looks great and the baby is right on schedule. It was awesome to not only see the baby but also see and hear the heartbeat. "he" also wiggled during the ultrasound which was very cool. I begin my office visits in two weeks and can't wait to have the next ultrasound in 10-14 weeks (when I'm 18-22 weeks pregnant) This has definitely been a great experience and can't wait until I know a little bit more about this little person growing inside of me.

Heard Heartbeat -- 5/11/2005

Notes: What a wonderful sound. At only ten weeks (which is early) I was able to hear the beautiful heartbeat on the Doppler. It has such a calming effect.

Monthly Checkups -- 6/2/2005
Notes: I can see now. I'm going to have a stubborn child! It was great hearing the heartbeat again, I'm sure it will be great every month. What was unusual was the way the baby reacted to the invasion of his/her space. I was able to hear the heartbeat for about 20 seconds before he/she decided it wasn't comfortable so he moved. The Dr. was able to find the heartbeat again, but after about 20 seconds, he moved again and that was it. It was almost like he was running from the Doppler. She tried for about 10 minutes and he just wouldn't give it up.(sounds like his father) She said not to worry that everything sounded good for what she heard and that the baby already has a mind of it's

Monthly Checkups -- 6/28/2005

Notes: Things are beginning to get interesting. Although I am only 17 weeks, the doctor says I am measuring 20 weeks. I guess in a way that is good considering I'm loosing weight it still lets me know that the baby is growing. They are sending me for an upper Abdominal ultrasound. I have been having some sharp pains and burning, so the doctor wanted to have an ultrasound to check my gallbladder and other organs. I won't know what was found for a few days. The Baby is doing good and the heartbeat is strong. I can't wait until the 18th of July I have a ultrasound scheduled and hoping we will finally know if its a boy or girl.

It's Going to be a Girl!! -- 7/18/2005
Notes: What a thrill and surprise all in one. It a girl. When I thought for sure I was having a boy. I'm excited either way as long as she is healthy and growing.
Monthly Checkups -- 7/18/2005
Notes: Everything is right on schedule. The baby is in the 54% and growing and moving exactly the way she should be. The Dr. is not concerned with the weight loss as I have gallstones that prevent me from eating fatty or greasy food therefor the healthy eating habits are providing enough nutrition for the baby and allowing my body to get rid of some of the fat stores. She said she would be concerned if the baby wasn't so healthy. Now the fun starts. Planning the nursery and buying fun baby stuff. I can't wait. I think she already has daddy wrapped around her little finger. Good news I passed my sugar test, but I get to do it all over again in 8 weeks.

Monthly Checkups -- 8/15/2005
Notes: Well, the Dr. is a little concerned about my weight loss. Even though I am a larger woman to begin with they don't want to see me loss any more weight. It's funny, the first time in my life a Dr. has looked at me and told me I need to eat more. The good news is that I am only 24 weeks pregnant but I am measuring 26 weeks. So obviously she is still growing. It's nice to finally have the movement going on. It makes everything SOOOOOO real every day.

John (Finally) Felt Her!! -- 8/30/2005

Notes: Finally our stubborn baby girl decided she wanted to show off for her Daddy. We have been trying for weeks to get her to kick for him and she seems to know exactly when his hand is on my belly. She would kick 3-4 times and then instantly stop as soon as his hand got near my belly. Last night I informed him to just barely place his hand on my belly and "wham" 2 seconds later she gave me a wallop, and what perfect timing. Hopefully this is the start of many good wallops although I may change my tune in a couple of weeks when I can't sleep (lol) but until then it's an amazing feeling!

Childbirth Classes -- 9/3/2005

Notes: What an experience. John and I spend the weekend at the hospital for child birth classes. It was an eye opener. Not allot of stuff we didn't know other then the drug options but it definitely made everything a reality. We walked away with a little better understand of what to expect and I think it made John feel a little better prepared.

Monthly Checkups -- 9/13/2005
Notes: Not allot new with this check-up. I'm 28 weeks and measuring 31 so the Dr. has decided to send me for an ultrasound to make sure that she isn't growing to fast. He heart beat is good and very loud! The Dr. thinks we had the Doppler at her back and that is why it seemed to be so loud. I'm feeling really good but seemed to have 'popped' in the last couple of days. My ultrasound is scheduled for 9/15/05 so I will make another entry.

Ultrasound -- 9/15/2005

Notes: She is right on track. 3 pounds 1 ounce. she is in the 64th percentile. Which is perfect. She definitely has an attitude already. She did not appreciate the pressure on my belly. But she did eventually get used to it. She is really moving now and I FEEL EVERY MOVEMENT! It's great most of the time but every once in a while it seems like she does it just to annoy me. LOL I love it anyways. My appointments are now every 2 weeks so I will be adding more frequently!

Monthly Checkups -- 9/27/2005
Notes: Everything is good. This appointment was different then my other because I actually saw a Dr. instead of a midwife. That will not be happening again unless it is necessary. The Dr.'s at the office are great but I miss the 'personal' interaction that you seem to get with a midwife. As long as everything is healthy with the baby I'm happy.

The Nursery -- 9/29/2005
Notes: The nursery is complete! For the most part anyways. The crib, a dresser/changing table, armoire and rocking chair are currently sitting in this beautifully decorated room waiting for the arrival of the bundle of joy. John and I decided to decorate the room in 'Gossamer's Wings' which we purchased at Babies'R'Us and the border we placed in the middle of the room, the top half was painted yellow and the bottom a green. Pictures will be added shortly. I've washed, folded and organized the hand me down clothes and what few new clothes have been purchased. I can feel myself starting the 'nesting' stage. I'm always doing something in her room, even if it is just reorganizing the already organized dresser and armiore. My husband just chuckles at me.

Work Baby Shower -- 10/10/2005

Notes: What a surprise. Here I thought I was staying late at work to help my boss organize and find some papers and low and behold it was a SURPRISE for me. It was great! Jocelynn received all her grooming supplies and bath supplies, diapers and wipes, blankets, her monitor, crib tent, rattles, dishes, ornaments and even a basket of stuff for me to pamper myself with. It was really a surprise and I can't believe they pulled it off. LOL.

Bi-Weekly Checkups -- 10/13/2005
Notes: Finally, John was able to attend a regular appointment. She is great. Head down and gaining and sounding wonderful. I'm feeling the effects of being pregnant. Aches and pains but I'm trying to enjoy all of it.

Unfortunately that is where I left off. I can say that her EDD was 12/4/2005 and she mad her grand entrance on 12/12/2005 at 1:58am after 82 hours of labor.

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