Monday, October 20, 2008


First off let me say AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Ok I feel better. John has been having issues with his sinuses all his life, well Last year he started seeing a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.....if you can call her that.

John's first surgery was Nov. of 2007. He was out of work for 2 weeks and we though, yay, no more issues. Man were we wrong!

John's second surgery (for the same issue) was in Feb. of 2008. We thought, ok there could be no more issues right....WRONG!!!!

John is back to see this specialist (under protest from me, he thinks she is a great Dr.) this month!!!!!


John started seeing Dr. S. after he had a sinus infection that wouldn't go away after several week (with antibiotics). She decided surgery was the best course because his actual sinus passage was blocked and needed to be cleared. No problem, we were ok with that. The day of the surgery comes and John is wheeled into surgery and about 3 hours later, I am told she is done and he is in recovery. Great! Well, not so much. She couldn't finish the surgery because he started bleeding too much. Ok, obviously, there is an issue with bleeding and we will have that checked out.

The first week post surgery was ok, he was healing and not in too much pain. Well, that Saturday, all hell broke loose. We ended up in the ER twice withing a 12 hour period, because he began bleeding from his nose. The first visit to the ER they placed packing in his nose. ewwww. and the second time we ended up in the ER was because it was bleeding through the packing. The ER was so busy that he basically laid on a cot in the room and the bleeding stopped on his own...WTF, I'm glad he wasn't DYING!!!!!!

We had John's bleeding time tested and her was fine, in fact he clotted so well, that I am now thinking he may have a clotting What does this mean? The Fing Dr. was in a hurry with his first surgery and nicked something that got him bleeding....grrrrrr

OK, so the second surgery I was super nervous. I didn't really want to go through what I had been through with the first surgery, but it needed to be finished. He was in the operation room for 1.5 hours....ARE YOU Serious. You can't tell me she finished what she had to do??? Whatever, I really don't like her and I or my daughter will NEVER be going to her!!!!!

Post surgery was much better this time then last time. He was only out of work for a week and we had no nose bleed issues!

So here we are present day, still dealing with this bitch of a Dr. WTF. John likes her and thinks she is a great Dr. whatever!

So now John has been dealing with breathing issues and a sinus infection. So he goes for him 6 month check-up, perfect timing if you ask me, and she puts him in a Pretnizon (John is not very nice on this and she knows it, you can't tell me there isn't another steroid she can put him on. She knows he is nasty on pretnizon and I think she does it to spite me..LOL) Why the steroids? He now has polyps in his nose. WHAT? WHY? Because he has sinus surgery! WTF, why wasn't that a warning before we went ahead with the surgery?

So needless to say, I am not happy with my husbands choice in Dr.'s!!!

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Amber said...

I dont think there are any cures for that - my dh got his tonsels taken out and had his nose reconstructed 7 yrs ago and he still has problems - i hope it gets better for yall though

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