Monday, October 6, 2008


So here I am in a crazy waiting period......I went this morning for a BETA. I am going on 3 days 'over due'. Which to most people isn't a lot, but I am one of the lucky who have a regular, almost to the hour, cycle. Having PCOS, this is one thing I treasure! So being 3 days 'overdue' is a HUGH thing. I have POAS twice and both time BFN.....but, I was 4.5 months pregnant with my DD and POAS and even that was negative! I think I am one of the rare few who don't secrete HCG in my urine....*gaah* of course I wouldn't!! So tomorrow I will know for sure one way or another!!!

With all this going on I have realized why I was 'blessed' with infertility, if I could look at John and get pregnant I wouldn't know until I was in labor because I can't poas.....LMAO!!!!

I have decided that I work on a home beta Kinda like the diabetic testing machines, but it will test for hcg. I truely wonder how hard that would be....LOL

On the other hand, John hoch his breathe because of the gunk in his chest. He does bring some of it up, but not enough to stay ahead. He has been on antibiotics for 2 weeks now! So I called the Dr. for him and he will be going back to be checked out today. I know he is feeling like shit when he wakes up and asked "how early does the office open?"

Please pray for us! I hope this ttc journey will finally have the outcome I wanted and that John finally starts feeling better!!!

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momma2garrett said...

Thanks for the prayers!. I am also praying that this is it for you also!!. Hope your Beta is >5 or whatever you need it to be!

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