Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween and the 2ww!

So the last few days have been interesting. Nothing 'exciting' is happening other then driving myself crazy in this damn 2ww. I think it is even more crazy since I know there is no point in poas. HPT's don't work for me which is a total bummer since all I have ever really wanted to see is those 2 beautiful pink lines or the beautiful word pregnant on one of those. I have HPT left, that after I confirm pregnancy with a BETA, I will try. I will just keep telling myself that even if it comes back negative, I am in fact pregnant!!!!

As far as a BETA for this month, I have promised my girlfriend that I will call the Dr. and schedule one for 11/3. I will be 17DPO. I was going to wait longer, but I really want to know either way before my herbal consultation on 11/5, so if I am pregnant he can re mix my herbs then and I won't have to make a repeat appearance!

Other then the time dragging by, I am soo excited for my CO girls who are venturing down paths that may lead them to their BFP!!!! I can't wait to find out their good news around Thanksgiving and then around the first of the year!!! PRAYING for you ladies!!!!!!

Trick or Treating this week and I am so excited! This will be Jocelynn's first year going out, and I have some of my girl friends coming over with their children so we can march around the neighborhood! In 2006, Jocelynn wasn't quite a year old, so we just went to family, and 2007 Jocelynn was sick as a dog with a fever, so we ended up staying home! Sh is all excited to get dressed up and everyday practices saying "trick or treat". It is so cute. I have also heard her practicing "happy halloween". I just chuckle to myself and let her have her fun!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!!!

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