Saturday, November 29, 2008


Seems when shit hits the fan, it is enough to suffocate you.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning, I wake up to the damn bitch showing her face. AF needs to make her appearance this month and then not again for another 9 months.

Then we get a call for John's sister, John's grandfather passed away in his sleep. This is a man whom John is named after (John is the 3rd) and shares a birthday with. It was sudden, but his healthy had been failing for the last few months. We will be heading down to Delaware, for the services on Monday, and will not be back home until Friday.

I have not seen John cry in the 9 years we have been together. The news Thursday morning hit him....hard. I feel for him and his sisters and parents. This is tough, but we must all remember that his is with our Father, God, and he is at peace, with his wife and his family that had passed before him. He was 92 and had lived a full life, in fact he was still living by himself, in the home him and his wife had purchased and raised their children in. He went peacefully in his sleep with no suffering. If we all could be so lucky when our time comes to return home!

Rest in Peace Poppop, John David Miller, Sr. (8.19.1916 ~ 11.27-2008) This picture was taken the night before he passed.

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