Monday, November 17, 2008

My little girl is growing up too fast!

The last two days have been an eye opening experience for me. We went out and about, Christmas shopping and trying to find a Christmas dress and birthday party outfit for Jocelynn. I no longer can shop in the toddler section for Jocelynn (unless they carry size 5X). I wanted to cry! I had to get her party dress and outfit in girls size 4-6x. I know it sounds like not such a big deal, but it is!

Party Dress

Birthday Top, which I will pair with a very cute pair of jeans!

Then, as if Sunday wasn't enough, tonight we went to get Jocelynn a booster seat! After reading the packaging, she was big enough LAST YEAR to be using one, I guess I just wasn't mentally ready. Not so sure I am now, but I guess I don't have a choice! I did cry!
My big girls booster seat!

My baby is no longer a baby! It went way too damn fast!!!!!!! She will be 3 years old in just over 3 weeks! What the hell happened?!?!?!?! Life just flies, and then all of a sudden you realize just how much time has flown by!

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