Friday, February 6, 2009

John's Dr. Appointment

John went yesterday for the beginning of his many, many, many allergy shots. He goes Monday to get the first real shot. Yesterday was just another test to make sure his allergies hadn't changed in the last few months.
John, surprisingly enough, is not completely dreading this. He is sick of this crap and wants to be as healthy as he can be.

The Dr. did tell us that the allergy shot work in about 80% of her patients. I have a sinking feeling that John is in the 20%. That is just me usual pessimistic side. I am trying to think positively. He will never be 'cured'. It doesn't work that was for adults. She is hoping to get his allergy shots down to 1x a month, but she has a feeling that he will have to stay at 2x a month because his allergies are so severe.

I guess only time will tell.

She is restoring my faith in her as a Dr. She wants to place John on Nasonex, a steroid that he sprays in his nose 2x a day. The insurance company has declined to pay for this. The Dr. Nurse has been in contact with the insurance company with no luck, so the Dr. is getting involved. She is hand writing why he need this drug and is going to continue to push until they approve it. I hate insurance companies! This is really life or death for John. Would they rather pay mega hospitals bills or this small bill every month? Sometimes I believe only idiots work at the insurance companies!

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