Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Why?!?!?! I really need to move south. I love snow, but only the first 2-3 snow storms. Here it is the end of February and what do we get yesterday, 7-8 inches more of snow. Just when I thought the shit was going to melt. Of course it wasn't just snow, it started out Sunday night as rain which turned to wet snow, then some fluffy snow and then wet snow again. So it's as heavy as can be!

In other news, The carpet is down in the basement. John also has his tv mounted on the wall and all the stereo components hooked up.

Here is a close up of the carpet. It looks GREAT with the wall color!

ALSO! Happy 21st Birthday Jekka and T.J.! PARTY TIME!!!!!!

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Cyberrblue (Colleen) said...

I tagged you for an award! Come see my blog!

~Colleen (cyberrblue.wordpress.com)

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