Friday, February 20, 2009

What's Going On?!?!?!

Not a lot going on here. Bought a Wii Fit yesterday. It is fun! Lot of exercised and activities to do! Can't wait to unlock more of them!

The basement is coming along. We picked up the few odd and end electrical things and picked out the carpet. Hopefully that will go down this week.

John's TV is mounted to wall, waiting for us to enjoy it. Hopefully as soon as the carpet is installed we can! Now John is talking about getting new living room furniture and moving what we have down there. Man that boy has some BIG dreams. I guess he thinks I have a money tree planted out back. I am hoping once 'his room' is done, he will stop complaining about always having to spend our money on bills! Welcome to reality! When most of the bills we have is because of him. We had to go buy the Envoy, even though we had a perfectly good vehicle to use. We had to have the cell phones when i was pregnant so he could get a hold of me. But he doesn't look at it that way. Looks at all the spoiling he does on me and he NEVER gets anything. Typical Man. He never sees what he has, just what he doesn't!

Also....damn AF showed her face tonight. So on to cycle 28......I'm not upset, just tired. I just wanna be able to go 'oh, I'm late.....I may be pregnant. What a surprise!' Guess I should give up that dream!
So tomorrow night I will drown my pity in a (2 or 3 or 4) alcoholic drinks and be ready for the next cycle by Sunday. One more cycle and we go back to the Dr. Kinda refreshing and hopeful! Come on BFP!!!!!

PS.....Welcome Baby COTE! 9.5 pounds ~ 21 inches long! Congrats Jen and Chris!

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