Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update on John

John went back to the Dr. yesterday. He has been out of work again (2 days) with severe sinus pressure. Sure enough he has polyps. A mass of them which is not allowing his sinuses to drain. Once again he is on Prednizone to help with them and will be starting allergy shots to help keep them at bay. He was also placed on a nasal spray, but the stupid pharmacy wouldn't fill it. The Dr. gave the dosage at 2x the normal level because of his polyps. The prescription was hand written by the Dr. WTF. So of course by the time we get to the pharmacy and they actually look at the prescription, the Dr. office is closed so they can't call to confirm. gaah.... So this morning John called the Dr. office and told them what was going on, 1 hour later he called the Pharmacy and still nothing. I will give them until noon and then I am going to start ripping some heads off! We are in the process of changing pharmacies because lately we have had nothing but issues with this one!

His thyroid testing came back with a few off levels but not enough for the Dr. to do anything right now, John will be tested again in 2 months to recheck the levels.

Other then that, Jocelynn and I are feeling much better. Still not 100%, but getting there.

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