Sunday, August 10, 2008


Surprise, surprise!!!! I decided to take a hpt this morning....BFN.... So now it is just waiting for AF to show her ugly face!
Our plan is to take a medication break and start acupuncture. Tired of popping pills or injecting myself in the belly nightly. We will still work closely with the RE and have the mid cycle u/s to check follie growth....but that is it!

On a side note, One of my very good friends found out today that she is expecting!!!!!! I am so happy for them!!!! I get to be an Auntie again!!!!

So today I am tired of throwing a pity party and want to move on with this next cycle!!!! Let's hope I can stop these pity parties SOON!!!!!

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texicaligirl said...

ack. stupid bfns. af showed for me on the 9th, so i am right there with ya', my girl.


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