Monday, August 25, 2008

TTC Update has been a few days....first off the damn computer got a virus and my wonderful husband spent 2 days fixing it! I am so glad he knows a thing or two about computers. second...John got a Wii for his birthday and we have been spending time playing that....nothing like a little healthy competition.....LOL I think I have lost 30 pound just these past 4 days....LMAO

Ok...on to TTC stuff. As many of you know John and I have decided to take a medication break for the mext 3-6 months and try acupuncture. John's first appointment is 9/3/08. I am very excited and hopw this is a giant leap towards a BFP for us.

Thursday the 21st I went for an u/s to check follie growth. YAY!!!!!!! there was one, which was all I expected not being on any medication, and it was over 21. Which is mature. So waiting for ovulation was hell, but between the remp drop and ovulation pain over the last few days, I believe it happened. I will be going in this Thursday (8/28) for bloodwork to see if in fact I did ovulate!

I just can't believe after all these months on spending money on medication, my body decides to work.....WTF....LOL I am not going to knock it, just ride the ride as long as I can....LOL

We figure, in the next 2-3 months I will start acupuncture, but because my body is 'working' let get John's count up and see if that helps at all! I hope to reporting a nice BFP in the next few months!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed and our names on your prayer list!!!!!

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Mindy said...

Good luck hun! I've always wondered what accu was like so you'll have to give a detailed account when you go. Or maybe your hub's can give a detailed account. It kinda skeeves me out to know that they'd put needles in me...

In the meantime, lets hope you get a surprise BFP!! Wouldn't that be awesome?!!?!

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