Thursday, August 7, 2008

Needles for Baby!!!!

So today was our appointment.. It was GREAT! We were able to have all our questions answered and a lot of information learned.

He was very positive about my chances and very enthusiastic about getting started.

So tomorrow I call the insurance company to find out if they will cover my visits......doesn;t really matter at this point because we have decided to start after our trip next weekend to see the in-laws. The funny thing is if we have to pay out of pocket it will be $60 a visit (about once a week) and wit insurance it will be $40 a visit (because I believe it will be considered a specialist) plus $25 a week for the herbs.

And if we decide to have John start treatment he wil be going twice a week....LOL

He also recommended that we wait to do the clomid challenge. Let him treat me for 3-6 month and then, if we haven't had any success, do the clomid. I agreed with him, mostly because I am sick of popping pills or injecting myself nightly, so I am willing to try anything else. Especially if it will help with my mood swings and increase my sex drive!

So wish us luck and I am hoping that we will get our BFP in the next few months!

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