Friday, August 29, 2008

Sick as HELL!!!!!

ok ~ The last 3 days have been hell. Started off Wednesday evening with a sore throat....ok, I can handle a little sore throat.

Then Thursday came........First off, I was up from 11pm until 4am with Jocey.....she would fall asleep for about 20-30 minutes and then cry out....sometime say ouch, but for the most part just crying. I finally did get about 3 hours of sleep from 4am until 7am....that's when the shit hit the fan. Puking, vomiting and overall feeling crappy: headache, stuffy/runny nose and a fever. Jocelynn felt just about as good. We spent the morning on the couch dozing. At 11:30 I gave jocey lunch, saltine crackers, and put her in bed for a nap.....she slept 4.5 hours.....*SHOCK*.....when she woke, she was feeling much better and even got down off the sofa to play with her toys.......still not herself. I as well was feeling much better after my lunch and dinner of saltine crackers and ginger ale.

Friday has been better, Jocey is complaining that her mouth hurts.....hope it isn't those damn sores coming back...but she is pretty much back to her self....this evening she has been waking up complaining of her mouth. I am feeling almost 100%.....aside from a little stuffy wouldn't have ever known I was sick. Thank Goodness for short illnesses.

To top all of that off, John has been working some CRAZY long hours this week....22.5 hours of OVERTIME!!!! Yay money, but my poor husband is beyond beat! I am glad we have a 3 day weekend...we do need the time together...and tomorrow night, Mom is taking Jocey with her to my Aunt's for the night, so it will be just John and I......of course all we will probably do is play Wii or watch a movie......see how exciting life becomes after you get married and have a child. Maybe I will convince him to take me out....but I doubt it :(

So that is about all that has been happening for the last few days, Next week will be exciting....test week! and John;s first acupuncture appointment!!!! Thinking of testing around Thursday....I will be 13 DPO (Days past Ovulation) but 4 days before AF is due.....I don't know....seems strange to not have the Dr. telling me when to come in for a test.....Maybe this will be our miracle month and we won't have to shell out ANY more MONEY!!!!!!! Wish us luck and I will keep you all posted!!!!!

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