Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Next Cycle...here we go!!!!!

So, than goodness AF didn't take her sweet time this month....in fact she is right on schedule.....YAY for having a regular cycle!!!

SO As stated in the previous post, I will be taking a medication break while John and I start acupuncture. Actually, John will be starting to help with his low count while I start the herbs. We decided that to be the plan since acupuncture is $60 a visit and Adam (the acupuncture guy) would like John to go twice a week and myself once a week....that would be $180 a week! Can't swing that since we are living off of one income. Plus, my body is actually working as if I didn't have PCOS. So in that aspect....so far I am 'normal'......LOL

I will be going to the RE mid cycle for the u/s to check my follie grow. I will not be taking ANY medication......not even the FSH to help me ovulate.....I just pray that is I have a beautiful follie, then my body does what it is supposed to do!

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