Sunday, January 25, 2009


John and I had a nice date night on Friday (1/23/09) Nothing fancy, just dinner at our favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse and then we did a little Best Buys, Michael s, Dollar Tree and Wal-mart! What a night on the town...LOL. It was nice to go out with my husband and just spend the night talking about adult things. No talk of Jocelynn or TTC. Just life in general! I felt like we reconnected. Not that we were unconnected, but life has a funny way of putting you in a rut and every once in a while you need to climb out of it!

Girls Night Out! (1/24/09) Not really what I expected, but fun all the same. 3 of my girl friends and I got together for some much needed no children, no husband time. What did we do? Hang out at my house, ordered in pizza and played Life and Sorry! Man we are just TOO WILD!!!! LOL. What happened to the days of going to the club? They stopped when I turned 21 because it just isn't my thing! It was really nice to just have some me time with my friends. I am such a home body anyways that this was right up my alley! I'm hopping we can do it again soon!!!!

The basement is coming along! John has the walls all done with the Sheetrock up and it is all muded. We still have not decided on the color, but we will be picking that out this week! I can't wait until it is done!

So our weekend has been pretty busy. With lots of fun things to do...LOL.

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